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Are you ready to be part of the history of Hispania?


Songs of Steel: Hispania is a historical turn-based strategy game, where you must position yourself on one of the sides of the epic Numancia war: Will you be part of the relentless Roman Republic or the fierce Celtiberian people of Numancia?


Immerse yourself in its system of classic strategy mechanics and combat tactics, based on positioning, flanking and covering, missions with objectives and decision-making.


Be part of a world where your decisions will make your experience unique. Accompany historical figures such as the Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio or the Celtiberian warriors Retogenes and Megara in the war of their lives


Heroic Battles:

Choose between two historical campaigns and lead your troops on and off the battlefield. Managing your troops and resources in the camps will be vital when it comes to getting into action.

Dynamic Missions:

Battle missions are ever-changing challenges where objectives can change at any time. Adapt your strategy and make crucial decisions on the fly.


Your decisions will influence the course of events, from the battlefield to the halls of power. Face moral dilemmas, make political decisions, and guide your people to an uncertain future.

Accessible strategy:

An experience for everyone, from novices to veterans. Enjoy a combat system based on tactics such as positioning, flanking or strategic use of terrain and weather in each scenario.

Historical Characters:

Meet figures such as the great Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio and the fierce Celtiberian warriors Rhetogenes, Megara, Ambo and Leuco, who played a fundamental role in a convulsive era of conquests and wars.


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